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Hey, Twitter Developers! Twitter Wants Your Product Feedback.

Twitter is trying to make nice with developers.

Kurt Wagner

When Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey took the stage at the company’s annual Flight developer conference in late October, he did something surprising: He apologized.

Twitter has never had a great relationship with developers. The company is known for changing the rules unexpectedly, and more often than not those rule changes end up handcuffing, if not crippling, developers who’d built their businesses on top of Twitter.

Dorsey, to his credit, acknowledged the rocky relationship. He apologized, and said that he wanted to “reboot” with Twitter developers.

Now Twitter is trying to make good on that promise. At Flight, it asked developers to tweet product suggestions to Dorsey using the hashtag #helloworld. Now the company says it’s going to host bi-weekly “office hours,” taking questions live via Periscope beginning next Tuesday. The point is for Twitter to become more responsive to developer partners, and more importantly, give developers the sense that the company is actually listening.

Of course, that kind of trust will need to be earned over time. But Twitter is clearly trying to be transparent. The company published a list of the most popular product requests from developers since Flight. One of the top developer suggestions: “Clarify the Developer Agreement and Developer Policy.” Twitter says it’s working on it.

The exercise was intended for developers, but lots of people also suggested consumer product changes. The ability to edit tweets and a change to the 140-character tweet limit were top of the list. Good news is that Twitter is building something to address the tweet limit, although as product head Kevin Weil said at Code/Mobile a month ago, a feature for editing tweets is a lot tougher than it sounds.

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