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Black man live-tweets being falsely accused of robbing an Airbnb

Music producer STEF (@STEFisDOPE) was enjoying his Airbnb during a visit to the Atlanta Music Festival & Conference when two DeKalb County locals decided to make his stay a very unwelcome one — by calling the cops on him. STEF live-tweeted the incident, which has gone viral on social media, collecting hundreds of retweets and comments.

The "DOPE" in STEF's stage name refers to his motto: "driven on positive energy"

The two Atlanta residents who called the police and accused STEF of robbery could have turned his stay into a negative experience if it weren't for just one thing: STEF's life philosophy.

While it's unclear how many black Airbnb renters report similar false accusations from neighbors, a Harvard Business School study conducted last year indicates that Airbnb has one specifically documented problem with racism — for hosts. While the company criticized the study for using data from two years prior, the researchers found that non-black hosts charged about 12 percent more for a similar Airbnb location than black hosts, indicating that there's a problem of discrimination in online marketplaces.

STEF told Vox that one of the accusers and the Airbnb host apologized, but a second accuser did not. In the video above, STEF remarks on the event by saying, "Life is crazy, man." He says he has continued his day by enjoying time with his friends until he leaves the Airbnb on Saturday. As of publishing, the group is cooking breakfast and listening to Jay Z.

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