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The Weeds: Could single-payer health care work in the United States?

Imagine, for a moment, a world in which Bernie Sanders takes the presidency, Democrats sweep into Congress, and their first action is to bring single-payer health care to America. They have the votes and the money to pay for it — but could a system like Canada's actually work here in the United States?

No, this world is not one likely to exist in the near future. But it is a lot of fun for health-care wonks to talk about. That's why we devote a good part of the second episode of our podcastThe Weeds, to talking about how single-payer systems work and whether, logistically, one could ever function well in the United States. (You can listen to the first episode here.)

Also on this episode, we talk about what gun control policies could actually bring American gun deaths down to European levels (hint: they're not the ones politicians talk about), and we introduce an exciting new segment, White Paper of the Week! Get. Excited.

Last but certainly not least: The Weeds now has an email address! And we want you to send us your feedback on what you like, what you don't like, and what topics you want us to tackle in future episodes. You can now reach us at And you can always find us on iTunes and subscribe right here. Leave us a review while you're there, too.

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