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Walt Mossberg: It's Game Time for Mobile Payments, but Still Just the Bottom of the First (Video)

Who needs a wallet?

Asa Mathat

Who needs a wallet?

That’s the question mobile payments companies like Apple and Google have planted in the minds of consumers in recent years. They want penny pinchers, shopaholics and everyone in between to abandon their credit cards and make payments with a smartphone instead.

This isn’t just a novelty, says Re/code Editor-at-Large Walt Mossberg. “If you’re in the store and you’re in line, and you look at what people are holding in their hands in line, they’re not holding a wallet and they’re not holding a credit card. They’re holding their phone,” Mossberg said Thursday onstage at the Code/Mobile conference at The Ritz-Carlton in Half Moon Bay, Calif.

“I think Apple, at least, and presumably Samsung are in it for the long game,” he added. “But this is the first inning.”

Here’s video of Mossberg in conversation with CNBC’s Julia Boorstin:

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