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This caffeinated peanut butter could replace your morning coffee

You can now eat a caffeinated peanut butter and jelly sandwich instead of drinking a cup of coffee. The food product company STEEM now offers caffeinated peanut butter with as much caffeine as two cups of coffee in one serving, according to the company's website. If you're expecting a coffee flavor, though, you'll be disappointed: The caffeine has been extracted from coffee beans sourced from a Virginia company that specializes in any type of vitamin or supplement that might call for caffeine in a tasteless form.

To find out how much of an energy boost you can get from STEEM peanut butter versus other products, we compared the amount of caffeine in various products, both caffeinated and decaffeinated.

Caffeine levels vary by product

Approximate milligrams of caffeine per serving

STEEM peanut butter is right at the top of caffeinated options, second only to a 5-Hour Energy shot, though one thing to keep in mind is that caffeine levels do vary in individual products (the Mayo Clinic has a roundup of the potential variations).

Owners Keith Barnofski, Chris Pettazzoni, and Andrew Brach don't expect everyone to replace their morning coffee, though. Barnofski says he still drinks coffee because he likes the taste of it. But when he compares the benefits of caffeine in coffee versus STEEM peanut butter, he says it's not quite equal, citing jitters, heart palpitations, and stained teeth as potential downsides of drinking coffee for some people.

"You almost get a concentration of the caffeine, and it wears off quicker," he says about drinking coffee. "The peanut butter lasts for a longer time so it tends to be a little bit more mellow of a caffeine experience."

If you're not willing to give up your early mornings sucking down the evil bean, Barnofski recommends eating the peanut butter plain as a snack. "You basically you have your snack and your pick-me-up all at the same time."

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