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It Looks as Though Venture Capital Firms Are Slowing Their Roll, Raising Less Money

But they still raised a lot of money. You know, just a few billion dollars.

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In 2014, venture capital firms raised almost $30 billion, their biggest fundraising haul in seven years. 2015 appears to be on pace for a bit of a slowdown.

New data from Thomson Reuters and the National Venture Capital Association’s Fundraising Report show that VC firms raised $4.4 billion in the third quarter of 2015. That’s a 59 percent decrease from the second quarter and a 33 percent decrease from the third quarter of last year.

Some other interesting nuggets from the study:

  • The $4.4 billion was raised for 53 different funds, which is thirteen fewer funds than Q3 last year. Counterintuitively, Q2 2014 saw around $8 billion raised for 80 funds, and there was $10.8 billion raised for 80 funds in Q2 2015.
  • Congratulations to Boston’s Silversmith Capital, which raised the largest amount of money for a new fund, hauling in $460 million this year.
  • Some big VC raises from this quarter: Deerfield’s health care fund brought in $550 million, Foresite Capital raised $450 million and Foundry Group raised $225 million.

You can read the report here.

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