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Elon to Jack: 'I Wouldn't Recommend Running Two Companies' at Once

From one audacious exec to another.

Scott Olson / Getty Images

Jack Dorsey, the newly anointed CEO of Twitter and still CEO of Square, is not the only man in Silicon Valley running two companies simultaneously. There’s Elon Musk.

Would Musk, chief executive of carmaker Tesla and rocket maker SpaceX, advise Dorsey to take on the challenge? Nope. Not per his response to the question when it was posed on Tuesday.

“I wouldn’t recommend running two companies,” Musk said onstage at the Vanity Fair Summit. “It decreases your freedom a lot.”

Musk said most of his time is consumed with engineering challenges. Which makes sense, since he runs companies that make sport utility vehicles and rockets with a tendency to explode in the air — a bit more high-stakes than the challenges facing Twitter and Square.

Of course, Musk didn’t say he would relinquish either position. He is still Elon Musk.

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