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Here Is Bradley Cooper Discovering Virtual Reality

Looking at the future of movies?

Aminatou Sow

Media luminaries from New York and Hollywood have helicoptered into San Francisco this week for the Vanity Fair Summit. Little news has been made so far. (It’s not a Re/code conference, after all.)

But there are plenty of suits in town — e.g., Disney exec Bob Iger and Sony Entertainment CEO Michael Lynton — and some stars — the cast of HBO’s “Silicon Valley,” who hammed it up onstage — mixing with the usual tech set.

Exhibit A: Bradley Cooper, the star of films such as “American Sniper,” “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “The Hangover” trilogy. He was on hand promoting his upcoming film, “Burnt,” and while doing so, took the time to strap on a virtual-reality headset and sample the offerings from Discovery VR.

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