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Next Starring Role for Dick Costolo: Telling 'Silicon Valley' About Silicon Valley

A tech insider spills all about the digital industry to Hollywood.

What do you do when you depart as CEO of one of the more high-profile Internet companies in Silicon Valley?

Well, in the case of Dick Costolo, you take a job consulting with the hit HBO comedy spoof about tech, “Silicon Valley,” to tell them what it’s like to be the CEO of one of the more high-profile Internet companies in Silicon Valley.

“I am in the writers’ room a few days a week,” said Costolo in an interview. “It’s not too much of a stretch.” He said the group quizzes him on how the digital industry works, from board room dynamics to how an entrepreneur and a venture capitalist would talk to each other.

Asa Mathat for Re/code

And, I would imagine, what it’s like to be inside Silicon Valley’s version of a telenovela (Twitternovela?).

As a former improv comic, Costolo said he tries to lob some jokes, “though I have a low hit rate compared to the talent in the room.”

The longtime techie, who stepped down from leadership at the San Francisco social communications company in July and from the board earlier this week, said of his Hollywood stint: “It’s fun for now and a good transition.”

So after that, another startup? “I am going to do something new no doubt, but not until next year.”

As for new Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, Costolo made no jibes: “He is a great choice for the job.”

(Disclosure: I have appeared on the show twice in cameos, in its first and second season. I feel I was funny.)

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