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Sony Entertainment CEO: Amy Pascal Didn't Leave Because of the Sony Hack

The high-profile exit was not a result of the high-profile hack, CEO said.

Photo by Jim Spellman/WireImage

Last February, Amy Pascal, the head of Sony Pictures, stepped down from her position following the high-profile November cyber attack on Sony Pictures. At the time, many observing the industry assumed they were related.

Not so, said Sony Entertainment CEO Michael Lynton.

“Amy did not leave the company because of those emails. The two were not related to one another,” he said at the Vanity Fair Summit in San Francisco. Asked why Pascal left, Lynton reiterated the point. “She left the company because, at that point, after all that we had been through, we felt it was the best way to part ways,” he replied. “It was not a result of those emails.”

At the Summit, Lynton also objected to the media’s treatment of the Sony hack, criticizing the decision to publish the leaked emails. “I don’t think it’s correct to be publishing stolen emails,” the executive said. “I don’t think they were newsworthy.”

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