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Microsoft Unveils Surface Laptop, Updated Lumia Phone and Fitness Tracker (The Verge)

Liquid-cooled smartphone.

The Verge

Microsoft announced a series of upgrades to its hardware line today, and our sister site The Verge has full coverage of the latest updates:

  • The company updated its Surface tablet, which is thinner, lighter and more powerful.
  • There’s a new Surface laptop called the Surface Book that includes a 13.5-inch display and costs $1,499.
  • The new version of Band, Microsoft’s fitness tracker, is “meant for both seasoned athletes and people who are just looking to improve their daily health and fitness routines.”
  • And the latest version of Microsoft’s flagship phone, the Lumia 950, comes with a 5.2-inch OLED display, three gigabytes of RAM and — wait for it — liquid cooling.

You can also dig into The Verge’s liveblog here.

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