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The San Francisco 49ers Have an Important Message for Football and Drone Enthusiasts

Safety Eric Reid wants you to fly your drone responsibly.


Don’t drink and drive. Tobacco is whacko. Just say “no.” These public safety slogans are the stuff of legend.

And now, from the Federal Aviation Administration and the San Francisco 49ers: “Know before you fly.

In a new, 30-second PSA co-made by the FAA and the Niners, safety Eric Reid lays down some basic rules about drone safety usage. For instance, you can’t operate unmanned aircraft over stadiums. Or near raging fires, which for the last-place, roster-depleted 49ers might be the same thing.

To the extent that Silicon Valley cares about football, the San Francisco 49ers are the tech industry’s NFL team. The Niners recently moved to a stadium that’s 15 minutes away from Google’s Mountain View headquarters, and Levi’s Stadium is the $1.3 billion high-tech arena that you’d expect from the Valley.

For more information on drone safety, visit For more videos of drones and living creatures doing silly things, here’s a compilation of animals wrecking drones in combat.

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