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Okta CEO Todd McKinnon on the 'Foundational' Business of Identity (Full Video)

Seeing a big opportunity where others saw only limits.

Silicon Valley’s latest unicorn plans to go public next summer. Todd McKinnon, CEO of Okta, the cloud software company that helps manage login details for thousands of other cloud apps, talked about the company’s plans in the wake of a new round of funding last month in an interview with Arik Hesseldahl and Jason Del Rey at our Code/Enterprise Series: New York event at the Steelcase WorkLife Center on Sept. 29.

McKinnon also talked about how Okta has expanded from the relatively narrow-seeming opportunity of managing sign-on credentials into related businesses including security and managing mobile devices. Where others saw a business with limited opportunities, he saw one that was, as he called it, “foundational.” Okta now has 2,700 customers.

Here’s the video.

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