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Goldman Sachs CIO on How Software Is Eating Finance (Full Video)

Why does an investment bank have more software engineers than Facebook?

Alex Ulreich for Re/code

Has God ever told you to take a job? He did with Marty Chavez, the CIO of Goldman Sachs.

Chavez’s revelation from the Almighty, which occurred while he was cleaning a toilet at a New Mexico monastery, was one of the more colorful anecdotes that emerged in an interview with Kara Swisher at our Code/Enterprise Series: New York event at the Steelcase WorkLife Center on Sept. 29.

He also talked about Goldman’s strategy for obtaining software, favoring open source options whenever possible, and putting the firm’s army of 11,000 engineers to work building it when it’s not. And he chatted about Goldman’s involvement with Symphony, a secure messaging company aimed at the finance industry.

Here’s the full video.

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