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Girls in Tech Employee Let Go for Misogynist Email Rant

Not cool, dude.

Girls in Tech

Girls in Tech, a nonprofit focused on uplifting women in the tech sector, has fired a male employee who sent a misogynist email to a prospective sponsor that was then shared on Twitter, according to CEO Adriana Gascoigne.

In the email, Director of Corporate Sponsorships John DeMartini blasted MindJet CMO Amy Millard because she declined to sponsor one of the organization’s upcoming events. DeMartini’s embarrassing response didn’t sit well with Millard, who then sent it to Re/code Executive Editor Kara Swisher on Twitter.

Update: Gascoigne emailed to clarify that DeMartini actually resigned before the executive team deliberated on firing him. She also sent the following statement:

“At Girls in Tech we believe that everyone should be treated with respect and kindness and the content of the email exchanges in this article are not representative of our values. We have accepted the resignation of the person involved. As an organization, we are 100% focused on bringing the technology community together to support, encourage and mentor female founders in their participation in the Lady Pitch Night Competition and other events.”

Here’s the email exchange for those interested.

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