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Steve Wozniak: 'Steve Jobs and I Were Robbed at Gunpoint Outside a Pizza Parlor'

Welllllll, kinda.

The Tonight Show

Wellllll, kinda.

There was a gun, supposedly, and something was apparently stolen. Or at the very least taken on loan. But Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak recalled the bizarre memory on “The Tonight Show” to a befuddled Jimmy Fallon and fellow guest Seth Rogen on Friday.

The story, according to Woz, goes like this: It was 1972, and Jobs and Woz had just finished a pepperoni pizza in Sunnyvale, Calif., when a man they’d met earlier inside the restaurant approached them while they were sitting in the car.

“He stole one of these little devices for making free calls that I’d built,” recalled Woz, who said the man was carrying a gun. “And then he came back to the car window and gave us his name and phone number because I think he was half honest and he said that he wanted to pay for it and he didn’t have the money right then.”

So not exactly Butch Cassidy, it turns out. “He also wanted to know how to use it,” Wozniak added, to which Fallon replied: “Was this Bill Gates?” (Nice!)

If you want to listen to the whole tale yourself, you can do so below beginning around the 6:15 mark.

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