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Aaron Levie Is Hyperloop and Other Good (Bad?) Halloween Costumes From the Tech World

Kudos to astronaut Scott Kelly for being absolutely terrifying all the way from space.


It’s Halloween! That one special time of year you can wear (almost) anything to work and still go home with a paycheck.

At Re/code, we apparently thought Halloween was in July. Thankfully the rest of the tech word has an accurate calendar and spent the better half of Friday afternoon tweeting, Facebooking and Instagramming their costume creations.

There were some solid group efforts, like Quip employees dressed as the emotions from “Inside Out.” Then there were solid individual performances, too, like Box CEO Aaron Levie and his clever, albeit questionably constructed, Hyperloop getup.

Here’s a look at how techies everywhere are celebrating Halloween. If we missed any good ones, please send ’em over to!

Instagram filters from the Instagram team.


Astronaut Scott Kelly is terrifying.

Chief data scientist for the U.S. Office of Science and Technology Policy.

A group of industrious Zillow employees.


A photo posted by Jessica ?????? (@jshy206) on

And some of the folks at Pebble.

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