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That time Hillary Clinton asked an aide for help making smiley faces on her new phone

Andrew Prokop is a senior politics correspondent at Vox, covering the White House, elections, and political scandals and investigations. He’s worked at Vox since the site’s launch in 2014, and before that, he worked as a research assistant at the New Yorker’s Washington, DC, bureau.

On the morning of April 3, 2012, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had an urgent question for one of her top aides — how could she make smiley faces on her new phone?

Unfortunately, the aide — Philippe Reines — had to break the bad news to her that, no, her new BlackBerry's email function did not have smiley faces she could simply click on:

The subject line of this thread is "apologies," because it began with Reines apologizing to his boss for being late to something and keeping her waiting.

This has been just the latest example illustrating that, as Matt Yglesias wrote last month, "Hillary Clinton's emails show that Washington is more Veep than House of Cards."

(Hat tip: Paige Lavender of the Huffington Post)

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