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The most common faux pas of teenagers in love today? Binge texting.

According to Pew Research Center's survey of teenagers who have been or are in romantic relationships — about 35 percent — the most common annoying behavior is contacting a partner or ex too frequently in a short period of time, in text messages or online.

Teens who have dated prefer talking about funny stuff above all else...

Note that the third most common activity teens reported to Pew is "asking what you're doing, seeing, eating," and the fifth is "where you are."

Pew Study: Teens, Technology, and Romantic Relationships (2015)

...but the most common annoying behavior they report is sending too many texts to someone they're dating or used to date.

The struggles are real.

Pew Study: Teens, Technology, and Romantic Relationships (2015)

Pew left the exact definition of a "large number of texts" to the imagination of survey participants, but given that 72 percent of participants reported texting every day, and most teens have access to smartphones, it's pleasantly surprising to see how well-behaved they all are. The center has conducted related surveys for dating adults, but they don't include the same questions, so it's difficult to compare them. A 2013 survey, though, indicates that at least one-third of adults visit social networks to passively "check up" on current and former partners, whatever that means (Facebook stalking, perhaps). Adults like to check in, too — we just don't know how annoying they think it is.

Most teens do not report harassment from a current or former partner, but those who do describe a variety of behaviors

Curiously, the annoying behavior that most teens report doing the most — sending too many texts (36 percent) — sounds very similar to the most often reported behavior they receive ("checked up with you multiple times a day," 31 percent).

Pew Study: Teens ,Technology, and Romantic Relationships (2105)

Texting a romantic partner often in a short period of time is annoying for both parties. It's also quite normal to check in with a love interest, but the pacing is key. The kids are all right — they just need to keep it chill.

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