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LinkedIn Settles Lawsuit, Will Pay $13 Million for Sending Users Too Many Emails

Oh, the irony...

Warner Bros.

LinkedIn has settled a 2013 lawsuit related to the company’s Add Connections feature, which many users felt just added spam to their inboxes.

The Add Connections tool used a person’s email contact list to find people on LinkedIn and send them connection requests. Once the request was sent, LinkedIn would follow up with two “reminder emails,” encouraging them to accept or decline the request.

Apparently, the company didn’t do a good job outlining what these reminder emails were all about in its terms of service, and as a result, it has agreed to pay $13 million into a fund, some of which will go to people who take the time to submit a claim that they were actually impacted by the feature.

To sum this whole thing up another way: LinkedIn — a company notorious for sending users way too many emails — just settled a lawsuit claiming it sent users way too many emails. Nice.

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