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The OnePlus X Is a Low-Cost Android Phone in High-End Disguise

The "X" is for "experimental."

The Verge

The OnePlus X is many things. It’s a 5-inch phone that feels like it should be $500, but costs only $249. It’s a device with the aesthetic quality you might expect from an established tech brand, but it’s made by a Chinese startup less than two years old. It’s also a shameless tribute to the design of older iPhones you can only buy with an invitation.

One thing it’s not, insists OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei, is a mid-range smartphone. “We still don’t have a good way of categorizing this type of device,” he tells me. “We’re never going to make a phone for $100 or $150. Our goal is always to make really great products, and at that price point it’s not possible. You can’t afford to make it using these materials.” The materials he’s referring to are the OnePlus X’s glass back, as well as the components inside that put the X closer to last year’s high-end smartphones than the devices you can buy today for a couple hundred bucks.

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