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Watch: Broad City suggests you dress as Ruth Bader Ginsburg this Halloween

This Halloween, the stars of Comedy Central's Broad City would like to remind you that your Notorious R.B.G. costume is both versatile and comfortable.

In this latest "Hack Into Broad City" clip, Abbi and Ilana reveal their Halloween costumes to each other over video chat and have to laugh when they realize they're both wearing flowing black judicial robes. But while Abbi is going for Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Ilana dons a wig and thick accent to be Judge Judy instead. Boom, there you have it: a double costume.

For Broad City fans, "Hack Into Broad City" is an ingenious conceit. Each episode portrays a video call between the two friends and is basically a quick sketch, running no more than three minutes. Comedy Central has released one every other week on its YouTube channel since mid-September as a way to remind us of Abbi and Ilana's mind-meld-style banter while we wait for the show's third season to arrive sometime next year.

"Hack Into Broad City" is also particularly smart bonus web content, and not only because it avoids the general bonus web content trap of feeling forced, or featuring aggressive product placement.

The "Hack into Broad City" clips are made in exactly the style of Broad City's very first episodes, which premiered on series creators Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer's own YouTube channel all the way back in 2009. While the subsequent "made-for-TV" episodes have grown more and more ambitious, "Hack Into Broad City" captures Jacobson and Glazer's singular dynamic and the intimacy of their early work, while showing off the writing skills they've sharpened in the years since.

(Also: If you think Broad City is explicit, you should really check out their uncensored "NO DAMN FILTERS" YouTube channel.)

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