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Cisco Beefs Up Security With $453 Million Lancope Deal

This is Cisco's third security company purchase this year.

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Networking equipment giant Cisco Systems said today it has reached a deal to pay $453 million for Lancope, a privately held security company based in Georgia.

Lancope specializes in analyzing the flow of traffic across networks to look for breaches. Broadly speaking, unusual activity on a network that doesn’t fit typical patterns can often trigger warnings that an attack is under way or that a system somewhere on the network has been compromised.

Cisco and Lancope have been partners for a while. Cisco has resold Lancope’s Stealthwatch product as part of its security portfolio for a few years.

This marks the second-largest deal for Cisco since Chuck Robbins was named CEO. In June, Cisco said it would pay $635 million for OpenDNS, a cloud security player.

Lancope is also the third security firm Cisco has acquired this year. In addition to Lancope and OpenDNS, it last month scooped up Portcullis, a U.K.-based security consulting firm.

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