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Uber Covers 75 Percent of the U.S., but Getting to 100 Will Be Really Hard

The road to total domination is not clear for the app-based cab company.

Spencer Platt / Getty Images

For many, space is the final frontier. For Uber, it’s upstate New York.

That’s how the company’s senior policy adviser Nicole Benincasa described the company’s push to established a foothold there to the Daily News recently. A spokesperson for the company confirmed that upstate New York, with its depressed rural areas and struggling cities, was among the “last places” in the country Uber would be making a strong push. After that it will likely shift focus to building out its new products, like UberPool, UberEats, and UberRush. Uber says it covers 75 percent of the US population, a staggering fact about a company that’s only been around for five years. But why stop there? Why not 100 percent? That question is met with nonchalance. “We’ll get there,” the spokesperson said. “It’ll take time.” Indeed how Uber gets to 100 percent remains strangely undefined.

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