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Donald Trump is losing ground in Iowa. So his campaign decided to insult some Iowans.

Scott Olson/Getty Images

Donald Trump is losing ground to Ben Carson in some polls in Iowa. Most politicians would react to this fact by inspiring and rallying the people of Iowa to vote for them, particularly when a state as important as Iowa — which votes first in the presidential primaries — is at stake.

But Trump's campaign took a different approach: It retweeted a supporter who said genetically modified corn is making Iowans dumber.

Donald Trump insults Iowans

For the record, the research overwhelmingly suggests genetically modified foods are safe. But science hasn't held back Trump's dubious claims before, as he denies global warming and the safety of vaccines.

Other campaign officials are taking notice of this time, though. David Kochel, a senior strategist for Jeb Bush, tweeted this out shortly after Trump's retweet:

But who knows if this will hurt Trump? Insulting people hasn't exactly brought him down before.

Update: Trump deleted the tweet insulting Iowans, blaming it on a young intern.