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Coffee naps: How to supercharge caffeine by going to sleep

It's counterintuitive, but scientists agree that drinking coffee before napping will give you a stronger boost of energy than either coffee or napping alone. Watch the video below to learn the neuroscience behind this most superior napping technique.

Taking a coffee nap is pretty straightforward. First, drink coffee. Theoretically, you could drink another caffeinated beverage, but tea and soda generally have much less caffeine than coffee, and energy drinks are disgusting.

You need to drink it quickly, to give yourself a decently long window of time to sleep as the caffeine is going through your gastrointestinal tract and entering your bloodstream. Right after you're finished, immediately try to go to sleep. And make sure to wake up within 20 minutes.

coffee nap gif

Voilà: the perfect coffee nap. Check out the video above to see what's happening inside your brain cells when you take a coffee nap. And watch more Vox videos at our YouTube channel.


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