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Want to Dance Onstage With Rihanna? There Could Be an App for That.

That Lady Gaga show might be even more entertaining for her little monsters.

Getty Images / Stefan Gosatti

Looking for a chance to dance onstage with Rihanna?

One of the world’s leading sports and entertainment companies wants to make it happen.

WME/IMG has formed a joint venture partnership with technology firm AGT International to create new types of experiences for the more than 800 events it owns or manages — from professional bull riding to the U.S. Open of Surfing to live music events.

By analyzing data drawn from sensors throughout these venues, as well as from sensors consumers opt to wear, WME/IMG wants to deliver helpful information, as well as novel experiences, through a mobile app.

The joint venture partners envision using the technology to deliver unexpected opportunities, such as the ability for the most animated fan in the crowd to dance onstage with Rihanna — or to do more practical things, such as locate the bathroom or concession stand with the shortest line.

The technology could build anticipation for an event like the Escape From Alcatraz triathlon, helping participants connect virtually with training partners who run, bike or swim at the same pace.

“It’s going to change our business in a profound way,” said WME/IMG Co-Chief Executive Ari Emanuel.

Emanuel envisions a time when artists might use the pulse of the crowd, literally, to adjust set lists, or when fashion designers could learn which styles connect most powerfully with observers on the runway.

“It’s going to create a new set of offerings to our customer,” said AGT International Chief Executive Mati Kochavi, whose company gathers and analyzes the sensor data. “Just the concept itself is going to be revolutionary and bring so much new understanding and so many new connections.”

The two companies are already experimenting with the new technology at a handful of fashion and culinary events across the U.S. and Europe, such as the upcoming Winter Wonderland in London’s Hyde Park. A more comprehensive rollout is planned for 2016.

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