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CBS Chief Les Moonves Now Embracing the Network's Older Viewers

"You walk on a college campus, there are no televisions," Moonves said. "It’s a different world."

Asa Mathat for Re/code

CBS Chief Leslie Moonves is now casting the Tiffany Network as the network of “olds.”

The network executive, who has long resisted that characterization, is now seeing value in CBS’s older-skewing viewers, who still watch TV the old-fashioned way. That’s not true of younger, millennial viewers, who are watching shows online and at different times.

“In terms of teenagers, we never had a whole lot of them,” Moonves said Wednesday at the Wall Street Journal’s WSJDLive conference at The Montage in Laguna Beach, Calif.

Moonves seemed to lament the changing media landscape, musing that dorm rooms just aren’t the same anymore.

“You walk on a college campus, there are no televisions,” Moonves said. “It’s a different world.”

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