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The Financial Times, LinkedIn and The Information Join Code/Media 2016

How do you build a digital publishing business? Three different success stories share their secrets.

Peter Kafka covers media and technology, and their intersection, at Vox. Many of his stories can be found in his Kafka on Media newsletter, and he also hosts the Recode Media podcast.

Last week we told you about our upcoming Code/Media conference in February, introduced you to three great guests, and promised you that we’d have more to share this week.

So here we are! Here’s another preview of the provocative people joining Kara Swisher, Walt Mossberg and myself on stage Feb. 17 and 18:

How do you build a digital publishing business without handing over your future to Facebook, Snapchat or some other tech platform? Three successful journalists have three very different answers.

  • John Ridding is the CEO of the Financial Times, one of the world’s most respected newspapers, and one that seems to have figured out how to transition from print to digital — while keeping its readers paying. Earlier this year, Japan’s Nikkei was a surprise buyer for the FT, with a $1.3 billion bid; this will be Ridding’s first appearance after the close of that deal.
  • Dan Roth runs editorial for LinkedIn, which didn’t look like an obvious candidate to become a digital news powerhouse. But under Roth’s direction, LinkedIn has become a place where millions of people go to learn about what’s happening in their own industries, and the world at large, via content its users provide for free.
  • Jessica Lessin was a star reporter for the Wall Street Journal who decided she wanted to build a company, not write about people who built companies. So she started The Information, a tech industry publication aimed at a select group of readers willing to spend $400 a year for its scoops and timely analysis.

I normally do my best to avoid panels, but this one is going to be special: Three really smart people, with three very different, successful strategies, talking candidly.

Which is kind of the point of Code/Media — we bring the most interesting people in media and tech into one place, for two days, and get to see what happens.

Want to join us and find out? Sign up here to join us at The Ritz-Carlton in Laguna Niguel in February. You’ve got until the end of the month to take advantage of our early registration discount.

See you there.

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