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Democrats and Republicans use very different words when talking about guns

The good folks Quorum, a political analytics company, did an interesting exercise overnight where they looked at the differences in words used by Democratic and Republican members of Congress in tweets about guns. They worked them up into word clouds.

First, the Democrats:


This tells a pretty straightforward story. When gun violence gets in the news, Democrats tweet a lot about "gun violence" and their desire for "control" or "safety" measures to "reduce" or "prevent" it.

On the GOP side, things are quite different:


Here you have a conversation about "gun" and "control" and background checks similar to what Democrats are talking about, presumably on the other side. But there's also a parallel discourse about the Second Amendment. There is a lot more emphasis on "Obama" (or the "president") as a specific person. And the Republican conversation also drags in a grab bag of other issues conservatives care about, from "immigration" to "Benghazi."

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