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Stephen Colbert Meets the Internet's Biggest Star and Treats Him Like a Human Being

PewDiePie talked to Stephen Colbert and you''ll never guess what happened. Actually, you can: They had a nice chat.


It’s no longer news when an Internet star shows up on TV. But this is the Internet’s biggest star, so it’s worth watching: Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg, YouTube’s most popular personality, visited Stephen Colbert last night, and the two of them had an entertaining conversation.

As Kotaku’s Patricia Hernandez notes, this works because Colbert treats Kjellberg the same way he’d treat any other celebrity, and not like an oddity from the Internet. That’s not a coincidence: Colbert is actively courting an audience that lives in tech, and doesn’t treat it as an exotic land — no need to put on a pith helmet and safari vest when you talk about this stuff.

It would be nice if Colbert, and/or his bosses at CBS, posted the entire interview, instead of the abbreviated version we have to show you here. You can easily head to YouTube and watch the longer version, via crummy uploads. But why should you have to settle for that?

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