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Jawbone CEO Hosain Rahman Joins Lineup for Next Week's Code/Mobile

Wearables are a key focus at the event, along with cars and payments.


With wearables among the key topics for Code/Mobile, we are excited to announce another big name joining the lineup for next week’s event: Jawbone CEO Hosain Rahman.

Since its days of doing Bluetooth earpieces, Jawbone has stressed a focus on creating products whose looks are as notable as their technology. That theme continued with the Jambox speaker and is evidenced in the company’s Up line of fitness bands. At times, though, its elegant designs have run into production snafus; Jawbone has struggled with quality issues and delays.

Jawbone, of course, is trying to move forward, adding more colors and features to its Yves Behar-inspired creations in order to stand out from a sea of wearable rivals.

The backend side of the wearable world is making use of all the data that gets collected. That means partnering with others and finding ways to make interesting use of the information — both for individual users and for what the data can tell us about society. After last year’s Napa earthquake, for example, Jawbone used its data to show who got awakened and where they lived.

Rahman joins a lineup that already includes Fitbit CEO James Park as well as executives from AT&T, Google and Twitter who can also speak to the impact wearables are having on their business. Intel anthropologist Genevieve Bell will help introduce the wearable section of the conference.

While we will have our finger on the pulse of the wearables market at Code/Mobile, the changes in the automotive and payments industries are also top of mind.

On the auto side, speakers include Nissan’s Maarten Sierhuis, Qualcomm’s Chris Borroni-Bird and Mark Platshon, a managing director at Icebreaker Ventures and an adviser to BMW on their venture fund.

On the payments side, we will hear from Apple Pay chief Jennifer Bailey as well as from PayPal’s Bill Ready and Gavin Michael, head of digital for banking giant Chase.

That’s in addition to Android founder Andy Rubin, AOL chief executive Tim Armstrong, Ericsson CEO Hans Vestberg, FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel and Facebook’s David Marcus.

It all kicks off next Wednesday in Half Moon Bay, Calif. For registration and other details, check out the Code/Mobile website.

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