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Here's a Look at Google's Delivery Drones in the Wild

Project Wing spreads its baby wings.


Okay, not exactly in the wild. But in the short video below, you can see one of Google’s delivery drones gracefully drop a package at the company’s Zeitgeist confab taking place right now in Arizona.

Aaref Hilaly, a partner with Sequoia Capital, captured the video in a tweet. Then Google CEO Sundar Pichai retweeted it.

The unmanned aircrafts are part of the Project Wing initiative within Google X, unveiled last year. (Not to be confused with Google’s other public drone project on Internet access.)

Per Hilaly, Google is pledging its drones can traverse five miles within five minutes. The delivery program, which has yet to announce a launch date, will presumably compete with a similar program from Amazon. Earlier this summer, the pair of tech giants, through the aid of supportive advocacy groups, cleared a potential regulatory blockade in California. How Federal laws about drones now taking shape will land on delivery projects is still to be determined.

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