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Yahoo's Marketing Partnership SVP Lisa Licht Also Departs

The Yahoo talent exodus accelerates.

Jonathan Leibson / Getty

According to sources, besides development chief Jackie Reses, Yahoo also lost its SVP of marketing partnerships and platforms Lisa Licht last week.

Licht, who came to the Silicon Valley Internet giant in 2012 from Hasbro, departed last Wednesday and Reses departed Friday. It’s not clear where Licht is headed, but Reses has nabbed a big job at San Francisco payments company Square.

Licht worked on a number of high-profile deals for Yahoo, such as its livestreaming concert series with Live Nation.

The talent exodus from Yahoo has been accelerating, despite big pay packages, as many have lost faith in CEO Marissa Mayer’s turnaround strategy. Mayer has tried a number of things to reinvigorate Yahoo’s declining core business, but its shares are now dipping as Wall Street worries about growth prospects going forward.

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