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Hooking Up With Tinder in Match IPO Is a Blind (Financial) Date

You can't start a fire, you can't start a fire without a spark. This gun's for hire even if we're just dancing in the dark.

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There’s no doubt that the hottest thing about the Match Group IPO that IAC filed yesterday is that the company includes the fast-growing swipe-right dating app Tinder.

But those interested in a meaningful relationship with the numbers around the popular service — a favorite of the much desired millennial segment — might want to be aware that there is zero financial information about how it does in the S-1 regulatory filing, despite it being mentioned 32 times.

The fact that no revenue numbers for Tinder are broken out is no surprise, since it is likely there is not much of it. Tinder charges for certain premium features, but it is now largely free.

But the filing also provides no information that might be revealing, such as the number of users it has or engagement statistics or any other information about the company’s performance.

What is there is overall 2014 revenue for all of Match — which also includes other paid dating sites OKCupid and — of $888.3 million with net income of $148.4 million. Trading under the ticker MTCH, the IPO would leave IAC in control of 50 percent of the voting rights.

Also revealed in the documents is that the whole group has 59 million active monthly users and close to five million paid subscribers. But there is no clue as to how that is split among the offerings nor which service is growing (and which is not).

It’s pretty clear Tinder would show strong performance here, which is why it would be nice to see a breakout in future filings.

Until then, it’s a little like dancing in the dark.

Speaking of which, here is that epic song from the great Bruce Springsteen:

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