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Motorola, Verizon to Show Off New Droids at New York Event October 27

The Droid line is the lone exception to Motorola's product line, which is largely carrier agnostic.

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Verizon plans to introduce the next generation of Motorola-made Droid phones at an event in New York on Oct. 27.

“Everything you expect from a phone will change,” the companies said in an invitation sent to journalists on Wednesday.

For the most part, Motorola has stopped making carrier-specific devices, focusing on its Moto X, Moto G and Moto E product lines. The Droid line for Verizon is the noteworthy exception, where the company continues to crank out new exclusive models.

Motorola and Verizon have a long history, with Moto having made the carrier’s Droid-branded phones for years now. (At one point Verizon used the Droid brand for Android devices from other makers, too.)

While many flagship phones debuted earlier this fall, Motorola isn’t the only one introducing new devices in the coming weeks. HTC is set to launch its first Marshmallow-based Android device next week.

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