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23andMe's Latest Round of Funding Might Signal a Comeback

Plans for international expansion, and maybe a new consumer product line.


23andMe wants to expand its reach — and possibly its consumer health product line. The personal genomics company announced today that it had raised $115 million in venture capital financing. Part of that money will help the company expand its operations abroad, according to a press release. But Bloomberg reports that the money will also be used to accelerate work on a “revamped product with health analysis,” which 23andMe hopes to launch by the end of this year.

23andMe experienced a major setback in 2013 when the FDA ruled that the company had violated federal guidelines by giving people information about their disease risk without proving that the tests were accurate. Since then, the company has only been able to provide US consumers with information about their ancestry (although people in the U.K. can buy 23andMe’s health reports).

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