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Robot Cars Save Lives, and More Nuggets of Wisdom From the Car Experts (Full Video)

“Any delay in getting autonomy out there is a crime."

Asa Mathat

Mark Platshon, who advises BMW’s i-Ventures Fund, says that car accidents are like “a 9/11 a week,” and that autonomous driving is the answer.

Onstage at the Code/Mobile conference at The Ritz-Carlton in Half Moon Bay, Calif., Platshon talked with Re/code Senior Editor Ina Fried and Dr. Stefan Heck, who founded the autonomous driving company Nauto. The three discussed what automakers are doing to compete with tech companies like Google and Apple, and why the huge safety advantages of self-driving cars mean that we need them on the road ASAP.

You can watch full video of their conversation below:

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