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AT&T Mobility CEO Glenn Lurie Talks Phone Leasing, the FCC and Cars (Full Video)

"The smartphone is really the remote control for your life."

Asa Mathat

Glenn Lurie says AT&T is really focused on expanding customer choice, which is why it’s not entering the intense carrier phone-leasing competition.

Onstage at the Code/Mobile conference at The Ritz-Carlton in Half Moon Bay, Calif., the CEO of AT&T Mobility elaborated on the upcoming FCC spectrum auction (“$60 billion [in revenue] is unrealistic”), cars (“The car is becoming a smartphone with four wheels”) and more. Lurie also dwelled on tiered pricing and the recent phone leasing fights between the carriers, observing that consumers are now “holding onto their phones longer,” instead of opting for upgrades.

Below, you can watch the full video of Lurie’s conversation with Senior Editor Ina Fried:

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