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Are Political Debates Any Less Boring in Virtual Reality? Let's Find Out! (Liveblog)

CNN and NextVR's stunt is also a test of whether people will want to watch other sorts of live events in VR.

The Democratic presidential debate tonight will likely be boring, mostly because Donald Trump isn’t on the stage (though he’ll be live-tweeting from the peanut gallery). Even CNN doesn’t expect you to tune in.

But because politicians and the media have a mutual interest in giving one another every opportunity to do something stupid, the debate is also going to be streamed in virtual reality.

To watch it, you’d need a Samsung Gear VR headset — currently only on sale as an “innovator edition” intended for developers and enthusiasts, with a consumer edition coming next month. As it turns out, we have one at our San Francisco office, on loan from Samsung.

Re/code’s Noah Kulwin will liveblogging the debate in VR, but since he can’t see his hands, it will be done in an “as told to” format with Eric Johnson. Join us here at 5:15 pm Pacific Time for the show.

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