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Tesla Says Journalists Snuck Into Gigafactory, Assaulted Employees

One of the trespassers allegedly hit two Tesla employees with his car.


A confrontation between Tesla and two trespassing journalists has resulted in felony assault charges. Tesla is publicly sharing its side of the troubling incident, which occurred last Friday, in a blog post published today. According to the company, an employee noticed two people snapping photos of the Gigafactory, Tesla’s still-under-construction lithium-ion battery factory, and immediately called for assistance.

The journalists refused to identify themselves once notified that they were illegally trespassing on Tesla property, though Tesla notes that IDs from the Reno Gazette Journal were hanging from their pockets and plainly visible.

The journalists were asked to remain at the scene while the local sheriff’s department and more Tesla security responded to the complaint. And that’s when things just got downright insane.

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