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Some of the Best Deals on the New iPhone Are Going Away

T-Mobile has ended one offer, which leased the new iPhone for $20 per month, but other bargains exist for those with an older smartphone to trade in.

If you are planning to get the latest iPhone, you might not want to wait much longer.

Some of the best offers are starting to go away as carriers end the limited-time offers they made in a bid to grab lucrative iPhone loyalists.

Both Sprint and T-Mobile have been offering various deals that lease or sell the new iPhone at a significant discount. Over the weekend, though, T-Mobile ended one of its offers, the one that allowed customers to lease a new iPhone for as low as $20 per month without trading in a smartphone. T-Mobile is still offering a second option, which lets customers get a new iPhone for as low as $5 when they trade in their old smartphone.

“The introductory pricing for iPhone 6s without trade-in has ended, but customers can still take advantage of our other introductory offer and get a new iPhone 6s for just $5 per month with trade-in of iPhone 6 or other newer model phones or $15 per month with trade-in of iPhone 5, 5c and 5s among others,” T-Mobile said in a statement.

Sprint has been offering its own leasing deals, including one that allows customers to lease a new iPhone for as low as $1 per month. That is billed as a limited-time offer as well, though it is not clear when it will end.

However, those considering Sprint have a deadline of their own to keep in mind. Sprint plans to hike its unlimited data plans by $10 per month starting Oct. 16, meaning those plans will cost $70 per month instead of $60.

Verizon, meanwhile has a trade-in promotion that ends Oct. 15 and gave iPhone customers anywhere from $100 to $400 on the trade in of an older iPhone.

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