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Desperate for Attention, Rand Paul Is Going to Livestream His Entire Day Tomorrow

It's hard being in seventh (or eighth) place.

Rand Paul via YouTube

It’s still early, but Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul’s campaign for president doesn’t appear to be going anywhere. A recent CBS News poll puts Paul in seventh place among the crowded Republican field running for president. Public Policy Polling has him in eighth place.

That’s probably the biggest reason why Paul is going to livestream his entire day tomorrow on Facebook and Ustream, a gimmick that he announced on Twitter earlier today.

Paul is well acquainted with gimmicky stunts aimed to go viral. Last month, he shot a copy of the U.S. tax code with an assault rifle. In July, he used a chainsaw and wood chipper to cut through the U.S. tax code. It appears the only thing he likes more than using deadly weapons to destroy inanimate objects is making sure that he’s filmed while doing it.

Like other low-polling presidential candidates, the senator has also tried very hard to get Silicon Valley to pay attention to him, with limited success. In June, his campaign held a San Francisco hackathon on the weekend of San Francisco Pride. More substantively, he held forth in an 11-hour filibuster against the Patriot Act in May.

Paul’s radical pro-privacy stance is also what makes his livestream tomorrow kind of strange. Motherboard editor Derek Mead captured the fundamental weirdness in a couple of smart tweets:

I guess tomorrow we’ll see how quickly Paul can tie his shoes. And perhaps how long he can go without using the bathroom.

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