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Who Wore It Better? Evan Spiegel Vogue Cover Shoot Edition

Spiegel is a man of diverse inspirations.

Vogue & ABC

For as long as there have been tech companies and glossy magazines that write about them, there have been lengthy, flattering profiles and photo shoots of the people who run those companies.

Evan Spiegel is the latest CEO to get the front-page treatment. Appearing in a spread for Italian Vogue, the Snapchat boss dons leather, red corduroy and plaid. He poses on leather sofas and against a backdrop that looks like it was used for “True Detective” promotional materials.

Clearly, Spiegel is a man of style. We don’t know the inspiration for all these looks, so we are only speculating. Below, we’ve assembled some photos of Spiegel from the shoot, alongside what Re/code believes may have been their origins. Accompanying the photos are some of Spiegel’s quotes from the article.

We want to know who you think wore it better. Feel free to give us your feedback through Twitter, Facebook or email.

Vogue & 20th Century Fox

“In the beginning, we just hoped that people would start to think about photographs differently — as a means of communication and not just preservation.”

Vogue & New Line Cinema

“We used paper airplanes, walkie-talkies, secret codes, and snail mail. My parents were adamant about the importance of sending handwritten letters.”

Vogue & TNT

“With Snapchat you can see hundreds or thousands of perspectives of the game because there are so many Snapchatters watching and taking snaps inside the stadium. It’s really amazing to see a game-winning dunk from so many different angles.”

Vogue & ABC

“I’ve been obsessed with Ferrari since before I can remember.”

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