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Intel's Genevieve Bell at Code/Mobile: Why Do We Wear Wearables? (Full Video)

“One of the really important things bodies do for human beings is that they are the place where we talk about who we are."

Intel’s house anthropologist, Geneveive Bell, was early on the idea that advanced sensor technology would become a greater and greater part of our lives. She co-authored a book about “ubiquitous computing” in 2011, and the New York Times wrote a lengthy, flattering profile of her last year.

At the Code/Mobile conference in Half Moon Bay, Calif., Bell expanded on her thoughts — focusing on the big questions of why we want to collect data about our bodies, and what information we’ve sought about them throughout history. Bell fleshed out the connections among centuries-old jewelry, children’s clothing and the latest trends in wearable technology.

You can watch the full video of her talk below:

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