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Which Potential New Emoji Are You? Take This Re/code Quiz!

5 questions, 6 answers and 2 minutes of unyielding fun!

Miguel Medina / AFP via Getty

Next May, the Unicode Consortium, that all-important standards body that decrees which smiley faces, sushi rolls and barnyard animals you can send on your phone, is set to decide what the next generation of emojis will look like.

The list of candidates is long, and while there is a “Stuffed Flatbread” in the running, there is still no acceptable burrito emoji.

What do these prospective emojis say about us? What makes these cartoon-like objects and symbols so important to us? And, most importantly, if you were an emoji, which emoji would you be?

Good news on that last question! We created a quiz that can help you figure out the answer. If you don’t like your outcome, tweet at me and I’ll carefully consider your feedback.*

Have fun!

*I will retweet it and laugh.

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