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What App Did Nori Download That Made Kanye So Mad?

In-app purchases give wealthy celebrities headaches, too.

Craig Barritt / Getty

Yesterday on Twitter, a well-known man complained about his two year-old daughter making in-app purchases on her parents’ iPad:

Wow! That’s no fun. Kanye West has a net worth of millions and millions of dollars, so I’m very curious as to what kind of damage Nori could have done to prompt these tweets. Also, these tweets are particularly funny since Nori’s mother’s branded app — Kim Kardashian: Hollywood — netted $70 million in revenue last year, largely if not entirely through in-app purchases.

In fact, here’s a remarkably similar complaint from author Ayelet Waldman about that very app last year:

And here’s another entertaining one about what we might look forward to in the future:

One last thought: It sure would be amusing if the in-app purchases Nori made were on her mom’s app. If you have any inside information about this, please email Thank you.

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