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Stephen Colbert on Virtual Reality: 'It Really Feels Like I'm Watching Something I Can See on TV!'

"It will feel like you're seeing Hillary Clinton right in front of you, but she's not actually there. Just like the real Hillary Clinton."

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

On the “Late Show” last night, Stephen Colbert hosted Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mike Huckabee and Rand Paul — but only he could see them.

Talking about CNN’s plans to livestream the upcoming Democratic presidential debate in virtual reality, Colbert wondered about the benefits of experiencing the televised three-hour ordeal from the perspective of an audience member.

“It will feel like you’re seeing Hillary Clinton right in front of you, but she’s not actually there,” he said. “Just like the real Hillary Clinton.”

He then donned a Samsung Gear VR headset (“It is absolutely free. Good to be me!”) and mimed out watching a debate. If only the real VR broadcast would let you argue with Jake Tapper and, crucially, leave. Get on it, CNN!

Here’s the video:

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