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12 powerful political cartoons responding to the Charlie Hebdo attack

Political cartoonists around the world are tweeting their response to the massacre at the French newspaper Charlie Hebdo, where armed gunmen killed four French cartoonists.

Ruben Oppenheimer:

David Pope of the Canberra Times:

Carlos Latuff:

From France's BFM TV:

From Chilean political cartoonist Francisco J. Olea: "To arms, companions!"

From Il Mattinale, in Italy:

Satish Acharya:

Martin Vidberg: (The tweet says "How can I draw today? How can I not draw today?" and the text of the cartoon reads "Today I am an editorial cartoonist. Today I am a journalist. Today I draw for Charlie Hebdo.")

Another French cartoon:

From a Dutch cartoonist:

James MacLeod:

The text says "Oh no, not them":

Correction: A cartoon by Satish Acharya was mistakenly attributed to Philip DeFranco in an earlier version of this post.