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AT&T to Let Some Customers Roll Over Unused Data From Month to Month

The move follows a similar offer from T-Mobile.

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Following on the heels of T-Mobile’s Data Stash offer, AT&T said Wednesday that it will allow some customers to roll over unused data from one month to the next.

The feature will come at no added cost, but applies only to customers on a Mobile Share Value plan — the ones where customers share data among multiple devices. AT&T says this is the primary data option for new customers, noting that it has over 50 million people on such plans.

“Rollover Data is an added benefit of being an AT&T Mobile Share Value customer, and it’s just another way that we’re saying thanks to our more than 50 million-plus Mobile Share Value subscribers,” AT&T mobile unit CEO Glenn Lurie said in a statement.

Eligible customers don’t have to do anything to get the rollover benefit. Also, AT&T customers can only roll over data from one month to the next, but not beyond.

T-Mobile announced late last year its plan to allow customers to carry over paid-for but unused data for up to a year.

AT&T pioneered the rollover concept years ago, when it allowed customers to carry over unused voice minutes.

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